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 SEPTEMBER 9, 2008

4:00 P.M.




Present:                        Mayor Anthony G. Chavonne


                        Council Members Bobby Hurst (District 5); Valencia A. Applewhite (District 7); Wesley A. Meredith (District 9)


Others Present: Doug Hewett, Assistant City Manager

                        Karen M. McDonald, City Attorney

                        Jimmy Teal, Planning Director

                        Bradley Whited, Airport Director

                        Benny Nichols, Fire Chief

                        Ron McElrath, Human Relations Director

                        Victor Sharpe, Community Development Director

                        Robert Barefoot, Parks and Recreation Director

                        Candice H. White, City Clerk



1.         CALL TO ORDER


            Council Member Hurst called the meeting to order.  Mayor Chavonne requested that staff develop a way to make City Council aware of whether board and commission applicants had participated in leadership programs.  


            Council Member Hurst stated consistent with discussion at the August 25, 2008 meeting of the Appointment Committee, the purpose of this meeting was for the Appointment Committee to review applications submitted for board and commission vacancies and come up with recommendations for a slate of appointments for presentation to the City Council at their September 22, 2008 meeting.  Council Member Hurst further stated that consensus of the committee was that recommendations would not exceed the number of vacancies and that all applications would move forward to the City Council.




Karen M. McDonald, City Attorney, recalled discussion and action by City Council at the September 8, 2008 meeting with regard to the attendance policy.  Discussion ensued.  Mrs. McDonald stated it might not be realized that when a board or commission member is removed, they are not eligible for reappointment for two years; whereas, if the board or commission member were to voluntarily resign, they would preserve their right to be considered for appointment.  Mrs. McDonald suggested in cases where a board or commission member misses two consecutive meetings, the staff liaison could advise them of the voluntary resignation option.


Consensus of the Appointment Committee was not to include the language “without a documented excuse” and return to City Council for consideration of approval as initially presented at the September 8, 2008 meeting.




Following a brief discussion of considerations given to applicants related to their attendance, order of interest in particular boards or commissions, whether they served on another board or commission, and whether they attended a leadership course, Council Member Hurst began a review of the board and commission vacancies and applications. Staff liaisons provided information related to their particular board or commission as requested by the committee. 


Board of Adjustment:  Carolyn Gaskins was recommended for appointment.


Joint Appearance Committee: Steven McMillan and Christopher Mitchell were recommended for reappointment.


Fayetteville Planning Commission: Jim Smith and Thomas Speight, Jr. were recommended for reappointment; Larry Boney, Jack Cox and Mary Lavoie were recommended for appointment; Myles Jones was recommended for appointment in a one-year alternate position; Bill Watt was recommended for appointment in a two-year alternate position. 


Fayetteville Zoning Commission: William Tally was recommended for appointment; Jeannie Nelson and Richard West were recommended for appointment as primary members thereby creating two vacancies for alternate members; Amanda Conner and Paul Rodriquez were recommended for appointment as fill-in alternate members for terms to expire in September 2009.


Historic Resources Commission: Carrol Arnold and Paul Monroe were considered for the fill-in term to expire in March 2010 in the At-Large category.   


Public Arts Commission:  Sean McDaniel, Soni Martin and Calvin Mims were recommended for appointment.


Airport Commission:  Janice Burkett and Febra Miles were recommended for reappointment; Herbert Vance and Jay Wyatt were recommended for appointment.


Fayetteville Cumberland Human Relations Commission: Sylvia Adamczyk was recommended for reappointment; Randy Bell, Patricia Fortuna, Johnny Harpe, Brad Loace, John McAllister and Carl Mitchell were recommended for appointment. 


Joint Stormwater Advisory Board:  Council Member Hurst will speak with Dawn Holt as a nominee for the Joint Stormwater Advisory Board. 


Mayor Chavonne stated consideration could be given to holding a meeting for applicants so staff liaisons could provide a presentation thereby creating a way to screen applicants’ interest in serving on various boards and commissions.


Wrecker Review Board:  NCGS §24-241 was reviewed as discussion ensued regarding the manner in which appointments were made to the Wrecker Review Board.  It was noted that the position of chairman was the only position selected by City Council and the chairman shall be a disinterested person who is not a licensee, wrecker owner or operator or a city employee.  No applications were submitted and Council Member Hurst will speak with Warren Copenhaver as a nominee for chairman of the Wrecker Review Board. 


Fayetteville Cumberland Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission:

Robert Barefoot, staff liaison, advised when combined with members from the county, it was difficult for the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission and the Senior Citizens Advisory Commission to accomplish committee work because of the large number of members.  Mr. Barefoot also advised the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board was stacked with a single interest towards athletics.  Mr. Barefoot suggested that consideration be given to appointing members who have interest in special needs children and adults, environmental and natural resource concerns and beautification areas to better balance the composition of the commission.  Mr. Barefoot suggested that consideration also be given to appointing members who would be representative of all areas of the city.


Bobby Hill and John Meroski were recommended for reappointed; Burton Lawson and Terrance McAllister were recommended for appointment.  


Joint City and County Senior Citizens Advisory Commission:  Elma Jorgensen and Catherine VanSickle were recommended for reappointment; Marlene Jacobs, Sharon Parker, Betty Pettiford and Terri Thomas were recommended for appointment. 


Fayetteville Redevelopment Commission: Kady Ann Davy was recommended for a fill-in appointment. 


North Carolina Firemen’s Relief Fund Board of Directors:  Robert Nobles was recommended for appointment for a term to begin in January 2009.


Personnel Review Board:  Mrs. McDonald stated Personnel Review Board members are required to make decisions based on findings of fact and Terri Hutaff, staff liaison, had expressed concerns that some decisions are made based on the personnel feelings of board members. Discussion ensued regarding the requirement that board members have knowledge in management and personnel issues. 


Carolyn McLaurin and Patricia Weaver were recommended for appointment.  Discussion ensued regarding Carl Mitchell’s interest in the Personnel Review Board and the committee’s prior recommendation for appointment to the Fayetteville Cumberland Human Relations Commission. Carl Mitchell was recommended for appointment to the Personnel Review Board and Council Member Hurst will contact Allen Hubbard to ascertain his interest and qualifications for recommendation to serve on the Human Relations Commission. 


Public Works Commission:  Michael Lallier was recommended for reappointment. 


Public Works Commission Supplemental Employees’ Retirement Plan Board: 

Donna Lopes was recommended for reappointment in the PWC Employee position. 


Board of Appeals on Buildings and Dwellings:  Beverly Keller was recommended for appointment. Discussion and consensus was to revise the prior recommendation of Paul Rodriguez as an alternate member of the Fayetteville Zoning Commission and recommend Paul Rodriquezfor appointment to the Board of Appeals on Buildings and Dwelling.  Brad Loace was recommended for appointment as a fill-in alternate member on the Fayetteville Zoning Commission for a term to expire in September 2009.   


Fayetteville Finance Corporation:  Based on Mrs. McDonald’s memorandum, City Manager Dale E. Iman, Chief Financial Officer Lisa Smith, William Brooks and Keith Love were recommended for reappointment to the Fayetteville Finance Corporation.


4.                   ADJOURNMENT   


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:55 p.m.