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Standard Details - Table of Contents

Below are the City of Fayetteville Standard Detail Drawings in PDF and AutoCAD.dwg:2009 version formats. Modifications to City of Fayetteville Standard Detail Drawings are prohibited. The City of Fayetteville Standard Detail Drawings are not provided in any other format (i.e. TIF, Microstation.dgn, etc.)

Street Design
SD-1 24" & 30" Curb Details [pdf] [dwg]
SD-2 ADA Wheel Chair Ramp w/ Sidewalk off B/C [pdf] [dwg]
SD-2.1 ADA Wheel Chair Ramp w/Sidewalk on B/C [pdf] [dwg]
SD-2.2 ADA Wheel Chair Ramp Ped. Crosswalk and Stop Lines [pdf] [dwg]
SD-2.3 ADA Wheel Chair Ramp Notes [pdf] [dwg]
SD-2.4 ADA Parallel Curb Wheel Chair Ramp [pdf] [dwg]
SD-2.5 ADA Truncated Dome Details [pdf] [dwg]
SD-2.6 Parallel Curb Ramp [pdf] [dwg]
SD-2.7 Directional Curb Ramp [pdf] [dwg]
SD-2.8 Parallel Ramp Single Wing [pdf] [dwg]
SD-3 Expansion Joint [pdf] [dwg]
SD-4 Standard Catch Basin Transition (24" Roll Curb) [pdf] [dwg]
SD-5 Standard Catch Basin Transition (24" Vertical Curb) [pdf] [dwg]
SD-6 Concrete Driveway Connection (Uphill) [pdf] [dwg]
SD-6.1 Concrete Driveway Connection (Downhill) [pdf] [dwg]
SD-7 Concrete Valley Gutter [pdf] [dwg]
SD-8 Cul-De-Sac (45'R, 40'R/W, 27'PVMT) [pdf] [dwg]
SD-9 Typical Residential D\W Apron [pdf] [dwg]
SD-9.1 Typical Commercial Driveway Apron [pdf] [dwg]
SD-10 Handrail for Sidewalk Construction [pdf] [dwg]
SD-11 Sawcut and Pavement Patch (Temporary) [pdf] [dwg]
SD-11.1 Sawcut and Pavement Patch (Permanent) [pdf] [dwg]
SD-11.2 Sawcut and Pavement Patch Notes (Temp & Perm) [pdf] [dwg]
SD-12 Typical Sidewalk Section (50'R/W, 35'PVMT) [pdf] [dwg]
SD-13 Typical Sidewalk Section at B/C [pdf] [dwg]
SD-14 Typical Minimum Standard 2 Lane Street Section for Residential Use [pdf] [dwg]
SD-15 Street Section (60'PVMT, Vert. Curb) [pdf] [dwg]
SD-16 Typical Minimum Section for 3 Lane Streets [pdf] [dwg]
SD-16.2 Typical Cross Sections for All City Pavement [pdf] [dwg]
SD-16.3 Typical minimum Standard Street Section for 2 and 4 Lane Divided Streets [pdf] [dwg]
SD-17 Asphalt Wedge Curbing [pdf] [dwg]


DR-1 Storm Drain/Sewer Compaction W/IN Row [pdf] [dwg]
DR-2 Adjustment of Manhole (12" Conc. Collar) [pdf] [dwg]
DR-3 Brick Catch Basin [pdf] [dwg]
DR-3.1 Brick Catch Basin [pdf] [dwg]
DR-4 Double Brick Catch Basin [pdf] [dwg]
DR-5 Brick Junction Box (Optional Manhole; 12" Thru 66" Pipe) [pdf] [dwg]
DR-6 Brick Junction Box (Traffic Bearing) 36" and Under Pipes [pdf] [dwg]
DR-6.1 Brick Junction Box (Traffic Bearing) 36" and Under Pipes [pdf] [dwg]
DR-7 Brick Manhole (12" Thru 36" Pipe) [pdf] [dwg]
DR-8 Brick Masonry Endwall for Single Pipe Culvert [pdf] [dwg]
DR-9 Concrete Base Pad for Drainage Structures [pdf] [dwg]
DR-10 Concrete Pipe Collar [pdf] [dwg]
DR-11 Drop Inlet with Grate (Flush) [pdf] [dwg]
DR-11.1 Drop Inlet with Grate [pdf] [dwg]
DR-12 Fence Plan at Endwall [pdf] [dwg]
DR-13 Manhole Ring and Cover [pdf] [dwg]
DR-14 Manhole Sections, Precast Reinforced Concrete 4' DIA [pdf] [dwg]
DR-14.1 Manhole Sections, Precast Reinforced Concrete 5' DIA [pdf] [dwg]
DR-15 Masonry Endwall for Single & Double Pipe Culverts [pdf] [dwg]
DR-15.1 Masonry Endwall for Single & Double Pipe Culverts (Notes) [pdf] [dwg]
DR-16 Open Throat Junction Box [pdf] [dwg]
DR-17 Pipe Turn (Typical 45 Degree) [pdf] [dwg]
DR-18 Precast Concrete Headwall [pdf] [dwg]
DR-19 Pipe Sections (15"-36") [pdf] [dwg]
DR-19.1 Pipe Section (42"-72") [pdf] [dwg]
DR-19.2 Pipe Sections (Notes) [pdf] [dwg]
DR-20 Precast Concrete Solid [pdf] [dwg]
DR-20.1 Precast Concrete Solid (Table) [pdf] [dwg]
DR-21 Concrete Paved Swales [pdf] [dwg]
DR-22 Standard Frame, Grates, and Hoods [pdf] [dwg]
DR-23 Precast Concrete Flared Ends [pdf] [dwg]
DR-24 Pipe Outlet to Flat Area-No Well Defined Channel [pdf] [dwg]
DR-26 STD Frame, Grates & Hood [pdf] [dwg]
DR-26.1 STD Frame, Grates & Hood [pdf] [dwg]


Erosion Control
EC-1 Block and Gravel Drop Inlet Protection [pdf] [dwg]
ED-1A Block Drop Inlet Protection [pdf] [dwg]
EC-1B Excavated Drop Inlet Protection [pdf] [dwg]
EC-1C Hardware Cloth and Gravel Drop Inlet Protection [pdf] [dwg]
EC-1D Rock Doughnut Inlet Protection [pdf] [dwg]
EC-2 Gravel Construction Entrance/Exit [pdf] [dwg]
EC-3 Temporary Sediment Trap [pdf] [dwg]
EC-4 Baffle Installation [pdf] [dwg]
EC-5 High Hazard Temporary Silt Fence [pdf] [dwg]
EC-6 Temporary Rock Check Dam [pdf] [dwg]
EC-7 Seeding Schedule [pdf] [dwg]
EC-8 Seeding Schedule (Seasonal) [pdf] [dwg]