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City Council Accepts NOBLE Recommendations 3/13/2012

(Fayetteville, N.C.) – The Fayetteville City Council unanimously accepted a report Monday from the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), which concludes, “It would be difficult to describe FPD’s traffic enforcement as racial profiling,” but racial profiling may or may not exist.

Chief Jimmy Wilson, NOBLE’s lead consultant and a retired police chief who served as deputy chief of police for the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, presented the report along with Andrew Cannady, a NOBLE consultant who is a retired Greensboro assistant police chief. The consultants’ report also concluded that the Fayetteville Police Department’s “raw data supports some of the negative concerns expressed by the community. African Americans were subjected to traffic stops and consensual searches at a disproportionately higher rate than others in the community. This practice remains a concern and requires the immediate attention of FPD and the community to achieve an expeditious resolution.”

NOBLE applauded the Fayetteville Police Department’s Community Wellness Plan and Ride Along Program, and, based on the report’s conclusion, recommended 24 steps to improve police operations. Some recommendations include, continuing to address PERF recommendations that have already been applied, continuing to require officers to document the reasons for a traffic stop, assembling a review team to field complaints against the police department, including a community liaison in the review of bias-based complaint investigations, and discontinuing the term “hot spots” to avoid offending residents of minority neighborhoods, among others.

The full NOBLE report is available on the City website at www.cityoffayetteville.org under “Most Visited Areas” at the top left.