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Fayetteville Videos

These videos are designed to give you greater insight into Fayetteville: We’ll get to know our government leaders better, find out what’s happening in our thriving arts community, reveal some of the best kept secrets of our city, get the latest on newsworthy events and even test your knowledge about Fayetteville. Each new program will entertain, inform and excite you about this great community we call home!

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Kaleidoscope Episode
City Council Meetings
Bragg Blvd. Corridor
North Carolina Veterans Park Grand Opening
Fayetteville Annexation
Fayetteville City Song
Fayetteville Community Development
NCLM Video


Hope VI Update (Kaleidoscope July-Aug. 2013)

Build a 72 Hour Emergency Kit (Kaleidoscope July-Aug. 2013)

Firefighter Recruiting (Kaleidoscope July-Aug. 2013)

P&R Summer Camps (Kaleidoscope July-Aug. 2013)

Citizen Survey (Kaleidoscope May/June 2013)

Kaleidoscope (May/June 2013)- Downtown Award

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Kaleidoscope (May/June 2013)- Chief Medlock

Kaleidoscope (May/June 2013)- Appearance Award

Fayetteville Beautiful

Home & Car Safety

United Airlines

Fayetteville Family Justice Center

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Strategic Planning

Annexation Update

City Clerk's Office

Development Services

Texting While Driving

Downtown Plan Update

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When It Rains It Drains

Loose Leaf Collection

The Three C's: Complaints, Cameras, & Courts

City Manager Introduction

Transit Multimodal Grant Press Conference

Limited English Proficiency

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International Folk Festival

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North Carolina Veterans Park Grand Opening

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3