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Federal Advocacy Agenda

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The City of Fayetteville's 2013 Legislative Agenda

Setting Priorities and Communicating the City's Interests 
Mission: To ensure that the City's legislative agendas at the local, state and federal levels are properly prepared, effectively communicated to the appointed leadership and adopted in a manner that benefits our community's needs.

The City's Federal Legislative Agenda

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The City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, and the Fayetteville Regional Chamber of Commerce are pleased to present the approved 2013 Federal Agenda. This joint partnership works hard to develop locally-rooted federal priorities collectively presented to Congress. These priorities are:

These priorities support the opportunities and challenges created by the strong military presence in our community; the enhancement of local infrastructure, and ability to create jobs and stimulate the economy. These issues were established through a day of meetings with City, County and Chamber departments, management and elected leadership. The partnership then developed a formal Federal Agenda, which is the adopted document attached here. We hope this approved Federal Agenda, a priority list of our local needs, will enable elected officials and federal agencies to assist us in meeting those needs.

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The Federal Agenda is organized by issue area. We have included a synopsis for each priority area explaining why Fayetteville and Cumberland County face unique challenges in dealing with these issues. Additionally, we have provided a list of potential funding or legislative opportunities that we anticipate might fit well with our goals and objectives.

The City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, and Fayetteville Regional Chamber of Commerce value your representation and look forward to working with you closely on these issues.

Council Adopted Federal Legislative Agenda(PDF - 193 KB)

The City's State Legislative Agenda

The City of Fayetteville has done a tremendous job in meeting our community goals and moving the city forward. Still, we must continue to plan ahead. We know that we face challenges as we approach the 2014 fiscal year. Budget remains tight and uncertainty continues.

In an effort to ensure that key issues impacting the City of Fayetteville remain at the forefront of the N.C. General Assembly, the City develops a state legislative agenda. Cumberland County Legislative Delegation’s support is instrumental. The City needs their assistance to acquire authority to establish certain programs and to secure community assets. At the February 11, 2013 City Council meeting, the Fayetteville City Council adopted the attached 2013-2014 State Legislative Agenda.

The City provides the adopted State Legislative Agenda to the Delegation for review, consideration and advocacy. The list represents the legislative needs and interests the City has deemed most pressing for consideration of the N.C. General Assembly.

Council Adopted State Legislative Agenda(PDF - 106 KB)
NCLM Advocacy Goals(PDF - 105 KB)

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