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Benefits of Annexation

The Mayor, City Council and City employees welcome its new citizens into the City of Fayetteville! As citizens of the state's sixth largest city, residents are entitled to a variety of services and have a voice in local government. As a service provider, the City protects the public through its police and fire departments and city ordinances; operates a water and sewer system; collects solid waste; maintains a local street system; operates an airport, fire stations, neighborhood resource centers, and contributes to citizens' cultural and leisure activities by supporting festivals, the arts and recreational programs.

When the City of Fayetteville annexes an area, it provides each major municipal service that the City performs within its corporate limits. Major services include: police protection, fire protection, solid waste and recycling collection and disposal. The City must also provide for the extension of major trunk water mains and sewer outfall lines into the area to annexed so that when such lines are constructed, property owners in the area to be annexed will be able to secure public water and sewer service according to the policies in effect within the City of Fayetteville for extending water and sewer lines to individual lots or subdivisions.

To keep up to date with the City, and to read about City services, follow this website and the City's Facebook and Twitter pages at www.facebook.com/cityoffayetteville and www.twitter.com/CityOfFayNC.


City of Fayetteville Tax and Fee Schedule
Municipality Property Tax Rate $0.45600 (cents per $100 valuation)
Residential Curbside Recycling Fee $38.00 Annually
Motor Vehicle and Transit Tax $10.00 Annually
Stormwater Fee $36.00 Annually
Additional Applicable County Tax and Fees
County Solid Waste Fee $48.00
County Pet Privilege Fee Schedule:
        For Bona Fide Seeing Eye or Aid Dog No Cost
        Residents 65 or older         No Cost for up to 3 Dogs/Cats
        For Each STERILIZED Dog/Cat $7.00 per Dog/Cat
        For Each UNSTERILIZED Dog/Cat $25.00 per Dog/Cat
        For Breeders/Hunters - UNSTERILIZED Dogs/Cats $100.00 for 5-15 Dogs/Cats
$150.00 for 16 or more Dogs/Cats


Police Protection

Police services include industrial, commercial and residential neighborhood patrol, criminal investigations and public safety dispatching. Several specialized services used to support this patrol function include selective enforcement units, two mobile police stations, a police substation, identification units and a gang intervention unit. The personnel and equipment used to provide services in this area are currently part of the Fayetteville Police Department.

Enhanced 911

The Communication Division of the Police Department manages the City's enhanced 911 system. All telephone customers in an annexed area will continue to receive enhanced 911 services on the effective date of annexation. Enhanced 911 provides the name, address, and telephone identification automatically to the public safety dispatchers who view this information immediately upon receipt of a 911 call.

Newly annexed citizens can follow the police department on bethebadge.com, Facebook, Twitter, and Nixle.

Fire Protection

Fire protection and emergency fire-rescue services are provided within the city limits by the Fayetteville Fire Department. These services are extended to annexed areas on the effective date of the annexation. Residents in the annexed area will no longer pay the County fire district tax, beginning upon the effective date of annexation.

The City Fire Department operates a network of 16 City-owned fire stations, strategically located throughout the municipal limits. Additionally the City Fire Department contracts with a number of surrounding volunteer fire departments to ensure the protection of life and property. The Fire Department provides other services, including: Medical first responder, fire code inspection, public fire education, child car-seat inspection and installation, hazardous materials protection, natural disaster response and emergency management coordination.

When the city annexes an area, they traditionally contract with the area's affected rural fire department to assist in providing services.

Newly annexed citizens can follow the fire department on bravethefire.com, Facebook, and Nixle.

Solid Waste Collection

The City's Environmental Services (Solid Waste) Department provides residential trash, recycling, yard waste and bulky item collection. Trash, recycling and yard waste are picked up weekly and special pickups can be scheduled for bulky items like appliances, furniture and items too large to put in a rollout cart.

The City provides green solid waste carts and blue recycling carts to all homeowners in single-family homes or residential units in multi-family properties of seven units or less. There is no fee for homeowners to have rollout carts.

Additional Services

The City provides an array of other services, including its Engineering Department that oversees street design and construction, street maintenance, street signs and markings, surveying and other engineering services. The Stormwater Division, which is part of the Engineering Department, provides storm drainage services.

Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks & Recreation maintains municipal parks, ball fields, greenways, cemeteries and recreation centers. Recreation centers and parks hold programs, activities, sporting events and rentals to the community.

The City also provides Planning and Inspections services. The Planning Division reviews plats, reviews and updates zoning and subdivision ordinances, provides staff support to various City commissions and provides other planning services. The Inspections Division provides enforcement of the NC State Building Codes related to construction activity; and enforcement of City ordinances regulating minimum housing standards, lot cleanings, junked vehicles, zoning, advertising regulations, landscaping, watershed protection and yard sales.