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Smoke Detector Saves Lives in Fayetteville 6/11/2012

The Smoke Detector Give Away program sponsored by the Fayetteville Fire Emergency Management Department can be credited with helping to save the lives of three people by installing a smoke detector in their home at 235 Laraine St, back in April of 2012.  This past Sunday morning at 1:52 a.m. 6 year old Nicholas Sheets and his little brother Cody Harris awoke to the sound of a newly installed smoke detector going off in their home.  Having been taught to recognize and respond to the sound, they alerted their mother, Mellissa Sheets, asleep in another part of the home.  The Fire Department was called and arrived a short time later to thick smoke coming from the dwelling. Ironically it was the same crew that installed the smoke detector. They found all inhabitants safe outside thanks in part to the working smoke detector.  The family dog and several puppies were not as lucky.  The fire was quickly extinguished but not before filling the entire residence with dangerous smoke.

Smoke inhalation is a prime cause of death in most house fires.  Had the children not been taught what to do when they heard the smoke detector it may have taken the family longer to exit the building.

Ms. Sheets stated she is very grateful to the fire crew from City Fire Station 9 A shift for installing the smoke detector that most likely saved their lives, and to her very alert youngsters.  She credits The Fire Department Public Education Program and Smoke Detector Program with potentially saving all of their lives.

Station 9 personnel installed smoke detectors at all of the units at the mobile home park where the family resided as part of the Smoke Detector Give Away Program sponsored by the Fayetteville Fire Emergency Management Department.   Since 1997, the Fire Department has given away over 3000 smoke detectors, approximately 150 so far this year.  For more information on the Smoke Detector Give Away program individuals may call 910-433-1730.