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Finance Department

City of Fayetteville - Finance Department The Finance Department, consistent with the City of Fayetteville’s core values, serves other departments, citizens and the community with RESPECT: Responsibility, Ethics, Stewardship, Professionalism, Entrepreneurial spirit, Commitment, and Teamwork. The Finance Department is committed to providing timely, clear and concise financial information, reporting and planning. Functionally, the department consists of: accounts payable, accounts receivable, collections, payroll, budget, audit, and cash and debt management. The department plays a key role in every financial transaction ranging from processing of payroll checks to investments.

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Privilege Licenses

Any individual, partnership or corporation operating a business or engaged in business activity within the city limits of the City of Fayetteville is subject to privilege license requirements as set forth in Chapter 15 of the Fayetteville Code of Ordinances. A privilege license must be obtained no later than the first day of business operation, and must be renewed each year prior to July 1st.

Zoning approval from the Development Services Department must be obtained prior to issuance of a privilege license.

Privilege licenses for building, plumbing, heating-air conditioning, refrigeration, insulation, electrical and general contractors are administered by the Development Services Department.


Please contact Tiffany Bell, TBell@ci.fay.nc.us, for assistance with any questions.