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City Traffic Signals Receive ‘A’ from National Transportation Firm 6/13/2012

(Fayetteville, N.C.) – The City of Fayetteville’s traffic signal operations have received an “A” on a report card from a national transportation firm. The National Transportation Operations Coalition (NTOC), with support from the Federal Highway Administration, graded the City’s traffic signals, along with other cities’ traffic signal operations. Along with the City of Fayetteville’s report card, the NTOC released the 2012 National Traffic Signal Report Card, which nationally, overall, was equivalent to a D+ letter grade, based upon the assessment.

The NTOC seeks to raise awareness of the need for more resources in an effort to decrease congestion while improving air quality and fuel efficiency.

City of Fayetteville traffic engineers and technicians develop and implement signal timing at each intersection to distribute green time amongst the competing traffic flows to provide for efficient operations.

“By receiving an “A” grade on our traffic signal operations, the City of Fayetteville is well ahead of other municipal traffic signal operations, as evidenced by the overall national grade of D+,” said Rusty Thompson, City engineering & infrastructure director. “I’m proud of the hard work of our Traffic Engineering Division and a high score from the NTOC reflects the quality of staff we have here at the City of Fayetteville.”

Copies of the 2012 National Traffic Signal Report Card Technical Report and Executive Summary can be found at http://www.ite.org/reportcard.