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City-Wide Rezoning With New UDO Zoning

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Attention Fayetteville Property Owners

New Updates:

New development code effective August 1, 2011: On July 25, 2011, the Fayetteville City Council adopted the proposed Official Zoning Map and an initial set of amendments to the new development code. The Council had taken the historic step of adopting the Unified Development Ordinance in December 2010. Adoption of the Zoning Map enabled the new development code to become effective August 1, 2011, replacing the existing Chapters 25 and 30 in the City Code. Any new development plans or zoning actions submitted after August 1 must meet the new development procedures and standards. 

Rezoning Notice GraphicWhere to find the new development code: The new Chapter 30 exists in two formats: MuniCode and VIC. The MuniCode company contracts with the City of Fayetteville to maintain the entire City Code, which includes the official version of Chapter 30 containing the new zoning, subdivision and related development standards. [Click here] to go to the MuniCode site for the entire City Code.] Chapter 30 on the MuniCode site includes amendments through June 2012 along with copies of recently adopted amendments not yet incorporated into the Chapter. 

The VIC web-based version of Chapter 30 offers a very user-friendly format and is updated through October 2012. It includes easy navigation and extensive links within Chapter 30 to referenced sections and to illustrations or other supplementary materials. It also is available by requesting a CD from the Planning office (910-433-1612). This version is usable directly from the City’s page [click here to use VIC]

Questions and additional information: The Development Services Department staff is committed to helping applicants move through the new processes and standards as smoothly as possible. Staff would be glad to continue meeting with neighborhood and professional groups or hold a work session on particular aspects of the code. Comments during these meetings and with people who use the code regularly have resulted in numerous corrections and adjustments to date. Continued feedback from users is essential in addressing areas that are unclear, seem inaccurate, or that may warrant some adjustment or amendment to better achieve community goals.

The Administrative Manual will soon be available on this web page. Information about the UDO and application procedures should be directed to the Planning and Zoning office, 910-433-1612 or -1705.


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