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 Recycle CanIt makes sense in so many ways!

Recycling saves resources used to make new materials. It takes about 24 trees to produce one ton of non-recycled office paper. Producing a ton of steel from recycled materials saves 2,500-pounds of iron ore, 1,400-pounds of coal and 120-pounds of limestone.

Recycling saves energy. Consider the approximate energy savings when producing various products from recycled materials, rather than “virgin” materials:

• 30% less energy for recycled glass
• 60% less energy for recycled paper
• 66% less energy for recycled plastic
• 95% less energy for recycled aluminum cans

Recycling significantly reduces both air and water pollution. Producing paper from trees requires more water than any other industrial process in the U.S, and dumps billions of gallons of wastewater into our waterways each year. Producing one ton of recycled steel creates 86% less air pollution. Recycling also reduces the need for landfills and incinerators, which create pollutants that contaminate the air and groundwater.

Recycling is good for the economy. It enables valuable raw materials, resources and energy to be used more wisely.

Recycling creates jobs. Projections show that a 20% increase in recycling would create up to 500 new jobs in North Carolina.

Recycling has many benefits for our natural environment and our economy. Now that convenient, comprehensive, curbside pickup is at your disposal, we’re hoping it will become second nature for everyone to recycle. We also want to assure you that your recyclables are truly being recycled.